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You've been EGGED!

Anyone looking for a friday night family activity?  A group of darling Young Women from our church targeted families with young children and "egged" their houses...without the mess.

They hid 12 plastic eggs in our front yard and then doorbell ditched a basket with the following sign:  "We've been egged!"  My kids were so excited and now every time someone rings the doorbell they scream "Maybe we've been egged!!!"

The idea was rounded up from HERE and there was a cute easter basket sitting on our doorstep with the sign and poem.  We'll definitely be doing this next year for others.

Happy Easter!


Dressing (or not Fully Dressing) Little Girls

You may have seen this great editorial, but I love how he really expresses that there is no need for little girls to be dressing inappropriately and if they are doing so, it is most likely because adults are buying them questionable clothing. It is a great and thought-provoking quick read and I thought that the implications he lays down at the end for the early "sexualization of girls" is so sad, I hope that parents will reconsider what they are letting their kids wear.


A Natural Mother

We recently discovered that you can watch a live stream of Eagles from Decorah, Iowa online.  It is INCREDIBLE!  There are 3 eaglets that hatched in April and it is so interesting to see the mother eagle care for her young.  The father has brought back fish and rabbit to the nest and we have seen the mother feeding it to her young.  We keep the live feed on while we are playing in the living room and often check on our new friends.  You can even turn up the sound and listen to their hungry chirps...which doesn't sound anything like my young when he's hungry!

It has been a great source of education in our home with my kids but it has also instilled in me a deep gratitude for my role as a mother and caretaker of little ones who depend on me for life. 

Click HERE to see for yourself and enjoy!