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Kara & Will

Hey everyone! Okay, I got totally sidetracked yesterday. I meant to write something about me and ended up writing about our Halloween "Ghost Toes"... sorry. Well, here goes: I'm Kara, wife to a wonderful, funny, hardworking, BUSY husband - Scott, and mom to an amazing, little boy William. The first and foremost on my list of thing about me is I LOVE BEING A MOM! When I was little, I spent pretty much everyday either pretending to be a teacher to my dolls, or playing "house." Whenever anyone said "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I would say "a mom." I even said that all through highschool, and then I decided I better come up with something to study in college, so I got a bachelor's degree in Spanish Teaching with an ESL minor, and Master's degree in Second Language Teaching, from Utah State University.

Currently, we live in the gorgeous state on Minnesota and have honestly loved every moment. As a family we just love being together. Scott/Dad, is very busy, so our moments together as a family are precious. I love spending every second with Will and watching him grow everyday. He is the pride and joy of my life and I can't wait to have more kids. My favorite thing about being a mom today (well, lots because it was a holiday) was letting Will "help" me make pumpkin pancakes for dinner. He stood on the ladder and just laughed and laughed when I made a funny sound pouring the batter onto the griddle. Our children remind us so well to always enjoy life and get the most out of every moment.

Thanks for letting me be part of this blog, I love checking it out and posting to it! I know almost all the mommies on this blog and I must say, they are AMAZING women and moms, I'm glad that I get to learn from you! Oh, and if you havn't already noticed, I'm long winded (it comes from my mother - sorry).

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Cassi said...

That's so cute about the pancakes. Will is adorable!
I used to say I wanted to be a mom when I grew up too, I guess that's why I majored in Marriage and Family.
Thanks so much for all your great posts Kara!