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Deceptively Delicious

So, I don't usually get to choose any shows during the day (whenever they t.v. is on we're watching Sesame Street or our new favorite Super Why), but since Rachel took an extra-long nap yesterday I caught Oprah. She had Jessica Seinfeld on talking about ways to hide vegetables into meals. We've actually been really lucky with Rachel being willing to eat vegetables, but I thought this was a great idea to make sure that your family is getting enough vegetables without having to nag your kids to eat. Basically all she does is puree steamed veggies (carrots, cauliflower, etc.) once a week and keeps the purees in plastic baggies in her fridge to add to whatever she's cooking. She then just adds at least one puree to the meal (depending on the color so it doesn't look weird for the kids). She has put together a cookbook of all types of recipes that incorporate these purees, but she said that you can really add them to anything (scrambled eggs, mac and cheese, brownies). I was just excited because making the purees is pretty much how I make baby food anyway, so when I start doing it for Ian I'll just double it to also put in our meals - well, if it doesn't taste crazy! Anyways, if you'd like to learn more, check out her "Deceptively Delicious" tips.


Cassi said...

Great idea! I'll add this link to the sidebar so we can get to it anytime.

Brenna said...

I bought her book and I love it! DH & DD are good vegetable eaters, I'm not. I get my veggies by drinking lots of V8, but I've tried lots of recipes that I really love. Just by pureeing veggies and not having to chew them, veggies are so much easier to eat!
deseret book has Deceptively Delicious of clearance now. You can get it for $4 or so.