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Women who know...

I'm sure as mothers we were all struck by Sister Beck's talk in this mornings General Conference (If you are unfamiliar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints click here) She shared ways that we as mothers can strengthen our homes and families in a way that didn't make me feel guilty for all of my shortcomings but rather motivated me to be the best mom starting now. Here are some of the principles that I pulled out of her talk...feel free to add more or comment!

Mothers who know:

Know who we are
Who God is and have made covenants with him
Desire to bear children (hmmm, maybe I'll be a little less whiny in my next pregnancy!)
Honor Sacred Ordinances and Covenants
Are Nurturers (and good homemakers!)
Are Leaders
Are always Teachers
Do less (I especially loved this principle of allowing less media in the home and less distractions that take children out of the home and away from the family)
Live on Less and Consume Less
Choose Carefully and try not to do it all


The Mortensens said...

I LOVED this talk. I'm planning on printing it out and putting it somewhere I will read it frequently. It was nice to hear that what I am doing is worthwhile!

Bridget said...

This was a fantastic talk! I was just continually struck by the fact that what we are doing is the MOST important thing that we could be doing. There are a lot of other good things that we could be filling our time with, but concentrating on our kids is the best. I loved this General Conference and am always amazed by how much our leaders know what I need to hear!