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Kid Chores

I've been thinking a lot about things that Rachel can now help with around the house. She is always so proud of herself whenever I figure out things that she can help with, and I was wondering what types of things you have your kids do to help? When I'm up to having her "help" she loves to help me put her clothes away, dust, wash the windows/floors with her spray bottle of water, sweep with her little broom, and put the silverware away. And, of course, cooking is always very exciting with toddler assistance! So, any ideas would be very much appreciated because she loves helping and I appreciate the enthusiasm about household tasks!


Cassi said...

That's a great question! I need ideas too!
Some of the things we have Parker (and to a lesser extent, Mayli) help with are the ones you mentioned... dusting, windows, cooking, and he also helps unload the dishwasher, tries to make his bed, wipes the table off, picks up his toys, puts his dirty clothes away, helps put clothes in the washer and out of the dryer, helps put his clean clothes away, uses the dust buster, and helps watering plants. That's all I can think of right now. We have a little chore chart for him but I think that will be more affective when he's older and we pay him a little allowance so he can learn about tithing and savings. So far it's been working out. It's nice when they are still young enough to like helping out!

brooke martin said...

hi! you don't know me...but i was wondering how you got that FAVORITE GIRLS NIGHT OUT voter on your side bar there. is there a website to go to? thank you!

Shalee said...

For the poll: Just go to "setup" and then click on "add an element" and there is a button for polls. It will tell you from there...

So I am the worst mom! I think it takes so much work to get your kids to help out. I can pick up the toys so much easier, get the dishes done quicker and sometimes it causes MORE mess when they do help (i.e the dishes!) Don't get me wrong I do try to get Kara to help out sometimes!! She loves to help me set the table and do anything in the kitchen.

I'm just hoping that as she grows she'll WANT to help me because she loves me and realizes that she is an important contributor in our home. Wishful thinking though, right?