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Hi, I'm Danielle!

I found Mommy Diaries a few weeks ago through a friend's blog and I love it! I am so excited to be a contributor here and I hope that I can share some sort of insights every once in a while...we'll see.

So, about me. I live in Northern California, near Sacramento, with my best friend and husband, Sam, and our two kids, Hailey and Taylor. We have been married for four years this July. Hailey is 2 years and 3 months old, and Taylor is 2 months old.

My husband and I both went to BYU, him for computer science, and me for an English degree. I then went to court reporting school and so when I'm not chasing our kids around I am a stenographer for depositions about one day a week.

I love being a mom! I am still learning how to be a better mom, and how to be a mommy of 2 instead of 1, so I can't wait to learn more from the more experienced moms here.

I enjoy traveling, scrapbooking, reading, movies, playing with my cute kids, anything outdoors, and spending time with my family who live close by.

I'm excited to share my ideas and get some new ones from all of you!


Tyler and Ericka said...

Welcome! Cute family!!!!

Jill said...

Hi, Danielle. I am from the Sacramento area also. I miss that place. Enjoy it for me. Welcome to MD!

Shalee said...

So glad you're here Danielle! Welcome!

Cassi said...

Welcome to MD!! We're so excited to get to know you!