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One Hour Craft - Mirror Necklace Holder

Okay, are you ready for another really fun and simple craft? I loved making this, it was easy, fun, and very functional. I normally just have my necklaces strewn all over the place and this was a great way to help me organize them a little better. So.... what you need:

- a plain wood picture frame, any size you want
-material, enough to cover the frame and little extra to cover
the middle part inside
-a mirror, it should fit in the hole of the frame
(these are really cheap at Michaels, come in a variety of shapes, and have about 4
in a package, so if you live close to people and want to make these together, share
the mirrors, or make a bunch and give them as gifts!)
-knobs or hooks (however many you want, I used two)
-glue gun, modge podge, and ribbon for embellishments

First - cut out your material to fit your frame, leave about 1 inch to wrap around the back. Don't forget to cut out the center hole. Now, using modge podge, pull the material tight and glue it to the back of the frame. Make sure you go over the edges really well with the glue.

Second, take some cardboard (or in my case, I had some cork board laying around) and cover it the same way you did in the first step. This is going to go in the frame, in place of the picture, and we are going to hot glue the mirror to this piece, so it should be sturdy.

Third, stick the covered carboard piece into the frame and secure it, then using hot glue, glue the mirror in place in the middle of the frame. Then, take your knobs and hot glue them where you want them on your frame.

Lastly, I used some ribbon, and made a little flower out of fabric and hot glued them on. Now, add some jewelry, hang it up and pat yourself on the back!! This was such a fun project to make. I hope you enjoy, and PLEASE don't forget to post a picture when you are done!!!PS - I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I'm not THAT creative! :) I got this idea from here.... she has a little different take on it, but very cute none- the- less, and you may think her tutorial is better. It's okay if you do, I won't be mad. I like mine because of the mirror, I always need a mirror when I put on my jewelry.

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Cassi said...

Awesome Kara! Thanks for posting! Yours is so cute! I already bought all the stuff for mine but haven't gotten around to making it yet! I have a question about Mod Podge though. Do you just put it on the frame and then stick the fabric on top of it and that's it, or did you also put the Mod Podge on top of the fabric after it's already glued down?
And... does it make a difference?

justin and jess said...

I have some little mirrors that are about this same exact size that I got at ikea for around 2 dollars. I should put some knobs on those guys!

The Mortensens said...

Okay with the Modge Podge, I just put it on the frame and then stick the fabric on. If you want, on some projects you can modge podge over the top. Basically it just seals things, I like using it on top as well as on the bottom when I do paper crafts, it gives it a good look. You can buy matte or glossy finish for when you put it over paper. Sometime I can show you the projects I've done with it on the outside.

Cassi said...

Thanks! I think I know what you mean. That's what we used on those clipboard things right?
I just saw that the girl on the original did it on top of the fabric too so I wasn't sure if it was normal to do it on fabric or not.