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Conference Fun

I'm sure many of you are like me and really look forward to General Conference -- except for wondering how you're going to entertain the troops and still enjoy conference, and hopefully *fingers crossed* help them to get something out of it, too! My little people are still rather little, but I thought I'd post a few thoughts, and ask for yours, too! Some are for younger kids and some are for older, but it's fun to have options! Last session I did the following things:

* I gave my daughter printouts of ties and had her color them to look like the speakers
* I made a flip chart of the Apostles and she sat tried to find them each in her 'book'
* We had a 'home primary' in the break between conferences
* We always make special treats to have in the morning (like cinnamon rolls, etc.) session
* We made a picnic lunch to eat while we were watching the second session.

This year there are some other things we'll try:

* A 'remake' of King Mosiah's story
(there are a lot of other great ideas at this site, but many of them are too old for my children. I printed them out and will use them later, though!)
* I also found some great ideas in March's Ensign.
* I'm going to cut out pictures of temples, scriptures, people praying, and some of the members of the Twelve -- just church-related things and put them on a poster board, and everytime they hear them use one of those words, or see one of those people talking, they get a 'treat'.
* April 2009 Conference Packet

Do any of you have fun things you do for conference?


Cassi said...

That's fun. I like the tie idea!
We do the conference bingo that I'm sure isn't new to anyone. But it seems to work as long as we use M&Ms or something!
And we always have Jill's delicious crepe recipe on Conference Sunday morning.

Bridget said...

Those are great - I love the packet! We're also going to try some of those great Ensign ideas and then I'm going to get the kids a new notebook, some crayons, and stickers to take "notes". Hopefully we'll hear something, right?

Shalee said...

What great ideas! I love that you do a home primary and you have a picnic lunch! I think food always keeps the kids engaged so we can listen better. Thanks for the ideas!

Grace said...

I like the idea of remaking the story of King Mosiah. We thought about doing that this year for conference. We have small children also (6,4,9months)and so trying to watch conference has been hard but I am hoping that this year will be better. In past years we have tried the Conference Bingo and that hasn't worked out well for us but we will try some of these suggestions and hopefully they will do better. Thanks for the suggestions.

The Mortensens said...

I liked the Ensign suggestions also. I have printed off a packet for my 2 (now 3) year old and it worked as long as we were coloring or painting with him. Treats are always a must, and I think I may try Bingo this year since he's a little older. I'm working on a reverance book for him to take to church, and I was hoping to have it done by conference, but I'm not so sure that will happen.

Lynn and Teressa said...

Hi I am Shalee's mother-in-law and occasionally read your blog. It is a wonderful resource so I thought I would share some sites I found and used for some conference packets we gave last Sunday to our Primary children. Hope this helps you with what you want. Coloring pages from the Nursery manuel.
Some of the ideas need to be updated because Elder Wirthlin has passed away and some still refer to Pres. Hinckley. Some you can change on the computer but others you can't.