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Ideas Needed!

Want a turn to ask the "Tricks of the Trade" question? Or do you have a good idea for the weekly poll or ingredient of the week?
We definitely want all our mommy bloggers to help us out with ideas for these and we always want to have all of our authors and readers involved. So leave a comment here or email if you want a turn or have an idea!
And if you're not an author on the blog but have a question you'd like us to ask we'd love to hear it! Just leave a comment and one of us will ask it the next available week!


Janalee said...

My daughter just turned 4 and a friend mentioned that 4 is the lying age. In fact she has been lying to me for the last few months. She fibs where the truth is obvious and she sticks to her story even after timeout or priviledges are taken away. So my question I hope someone will ask for me is how do you teach honesty and deal with this lying problem?


Janalee said...

OK, It's me again, I have another idea for a question, more like fishing for ideas with General Conference this next. I grew up with conference bingo and quiet craft activities to keep us quiet while we watched conference on TV, but I have no idea how my parents kept me and my older brother quiet when we were toddlers. So what are all you moms planning to do with your kids while you watch/listen to conference this week?

bethany said...

Some of your readers may be interested in learning how to make a tutu-I've been selling them for a couple of years now and I've posted a tutorial (free!) on my blog to teach you how!! Feel free to use any of the pictures here and link back!! Thanks!

Sweet Jane said...

I make adorable butterfly clips, and I'd love to do a giveaway sometime!

David and Shelly said...

I have a tricks-of-the-trade idea. My 11 month old has been identified as having a milk allergy. Though I haven't given him cow's milk yet, he has a rash-around-the-mouth reaction when he eats yogurt, cheese, milk-based formula, etc. The doctor says I can't give him eggs either and that he'll eventually send us to an allergist. I'm super bummed that I can't give him yogurt and cheese and cottage cheese. My first son lived off of those things. I need ideas and ways to deal with this food allergy which I hope is temporary.