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Intros and Feedback

Hi Ladies,

Now that we have a pretty good group of mommies on here I thought it would be fun to do some introductions. Most of us know each other already but there are a couple who aren't living here in MN. So if everyone doesn't mind posting a short intro to themselves I thought that would be a fun way to get to know everyone. Then in the future if we add authors we can have them do the same. Label it with "intro". You can do it however you want just be sure to include your name, some kind of description of yourself, and what your favorite thing about being a mom is. Also if you want to include a picture of you or your family that would definitely be fun too!!

Also, since this blog has been up and running for a couple months now I wanted to get some feedback. Is there anything we could do to this blog to make it more fun or more helpful? Is the weekly ingredient box making it so we only get recipe posts? If you ever have any ideas on things to add please let us know. And if you know someone who you'd like to be an author let us know that too. We'd like to try and keep it to no more than 10 people but we're definitely up for getting insight from beyond the NB ward boundary lines, haha. And also, we'd like to keep the author list to people who want to post. So if we notice someone hasn't posted in several months we'll take their name off. Everyone can enjoy the blog as a reader but we want to keep the author list to people who want to post.

Ok that's it. Sorry for the long text only post! Thanks for the great participation so far. Everyone's tips and recipes have been awesome! I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and I'm excited to see your intros! :)

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Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

I'm Chalece's sister in law and ever since she told me about this blog I check it out nearly daily. I thinks its awesome!!!