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Want To Join?

Are you an avid reader of this blog and have lots of good ideas and recipes you'd like to share?? We'd love to have you be a part of the team but there are a few things we would like you to know first.

  • Anyone can enjoy this blog by reading it and making comments. So please don't ask to join unless you want to post. We would like all our contributors to try and post at least once a month.
  • You might notice the strong LDS theme on this blog. We don't require that all our authors are LDS but we prefer they have similar standards and values that LDS moms have. We don't want anything published on our blog that we as the admins feel goes against our beliefs.
  • After you join we ask that you do a short intro of yourself. Just a brief description, your favorite part of being a mommy, and a picture if you have one.

So, if you want to join just leave us a comment on this post or email and tell us how to contact you (email or your blog address) and we'll get back to you!


PS- If you are a friend or family member and are wondering why you never got a personal invite from us in the first place.... well we started this not know who would want/have time to be a part of it so please don't feel like you can't ask to be a part of it now! That's why we are putting up this post!


Letti said...

Hello my name is Collette (most people know me as Letti) and I have been reading this blog since November 07. I would love to join if you would let me. I am from Southern California and I am a stay at home mom to 5 children. I am a very active blogger and will probably post more than once a month. I love learning new things and sharing things that have worked for me. I look forward to hearing from you. Letti

Letti said...

I forgot to leave my blog address

Calise said...

Hi, My name is Calise Zollinger and I have just found this site. I absolutely love all the ideas you have and I was wondering if I could join! I am new to this blogging scene but I am getting addicted! Thank you all for the great ideas! And I hope I can add a little! or

NTandE said...

I want to join. Not sure how much I have to share. . . .but I'll try!

Nikki Oesterle

bella said...

I'm Erika in Tampa, Fl. Avid crafter and coupon freak, amateur but trying. Love to learn how to improve both. Also am begging anyone that knows how to construct a really good coupon holder with divider for instruction.

Talk with yall later.

Brenna said...

I love your blog and I want to join! I'm a 23 year old SAHM of one and trying for a 2nd! I just got called to the Primary Presidency and I'm terrified! I love to cook, clean, coupon and craft! I hope I can add something.

Missy Craig said...

I love your blog! I would love to join. I am a 43 year old mom of five (three are grown and gone...sigh)and a wife to a wonderful hubby. I love to bake, cook, sew and make homemade cards. I have an embroidery business and a cookie & cake business. My email is
Missy C.