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Calling all (normal) Moms!

Welcome to the Mommy Diaries! If you are a "supermom" (you know the kind-- always has perfect dressed and out the door doing educational activities by 8am...well-balanced meal served promptly at 6pm everyday to a smiling family...etc.) then stop reading...this blog is NOT for you. We are just normal moms--with super kids--looking to share creative ideas, funny antics, advice that worked for us, and yummy kid-friendly recipes. If you are a normal mom like us feel free to comment so we can learn from each other!

The Mommies

P.S I know you are thinking there is no such thing as a supermom but I actually know some!

1 comment:

christine said...

I am definitely NOT one of those Super Moms! Thanks for including me in your blog, I am always looking for good ideas.
-Christine Archibald