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Remembering Family Jokes

Kara's awesome idea reminded me of something that we've been working on this year. A while ago I read about a family that had a little box (they used a shoebox) with a notepad close by. Whenever a kid said a funny line or some funny event happened, they would jot it down (with the date) and put it in the box. Then each New Year's Day they would sit around as a family and read all the funny events and quotes. So, we've been trying it this year and I'm already excited to start 2008 off with a bang and remember all the hilarious things our daughter (and Justin) has done and said and all of the mostly absent-minded things that I've done that have turned out pretty funny in the end. Then, the plan is to type them all up and keep a journal of these family jokes (there's always room for another project, right?).

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Cassi said...

I'm loving this blog already because there are some really good ideas coming out of it. We are definitely going to start this. What a fun tradition to have and a great way to journal all those cute kid (and parent) quotes that you'll never remember if you don't!