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Shelly Myers--Intro

My name is Shelly Myers and this is my kid, Charlie who just turned one. (We dress alike sometimes without even planning it!) We moved from Minnesota about 7 months ago. We live in California, Maryland and my husband, Dave, works for the government as a mechanical engineer for the Naval Air Station here. I'll give you a quick tour of my life from the beginning: Born in Provo, UT October 14, 1977, moved all over the US because of job/schooling/don't know why (UT, IN, TX, ID, NJ) until I moved to Montpelier, Idaho to live in my grandmother's basement after my parents were divorced in middle school. I had to get out of that town as soon as I graduated from high school and chose to do a Rotary Exchange to Osaka, Japan for a year. It was life altering and Japan culture has become a big part of me. Back in the states, did Utah State for a bit before I was called back to Japan on a mission! Transfered to BYWooo after the mission (I drove a scooter to school everyday) and finished a B.S. in Biology. A strategic move up to Bozeman, MT to work in a lab at MSU proved promising when I met my husband-to-be and we were married in the Logan Utah Temple July 21st, 2005. I "dragged" Dave to the University of Minnesota (he had to transfer) so I could pursue an advanced degree in Molecular Biology. We met a lot of you there (hi all!) and loved it even though it was a bit chilly. I miss it because it was the first place on my own as a married person and we made such good friends that I know I will keep in contact with all my life. A PhD track turned to an MS when Charlie was born and I am LLOOVVIINNGG being at home with him! (though it is an adjustment). Tap dancing feeds my soul, I knit, can't cook worth a nut (that's were you guys come it to rescue me), dabble on the guitar and harmonica, and do the outdoors thing as often as I can. Blogging is a new hobby (read Pioneer Woman daily) and I may need to join a support group to help limit my time on the computer. I'm suppppper excited to join the Mommy group. Hopefully, I will be able to add something among all the wonderful stuff I'm gonna get! Charlie is up, gotta bolt.


Cassi said...

Welcome Shelly!! That picture is so cute!

The Mortensens said...

Hey Shelly! You are so cute with Charlie, we miss you guys. I didn't know you lived in Montepelier ID, that is where my sisters lives. Why on earth would you ever want to leave??? hahahaha.... just kidding.

shalee said...

YEA! So glad you've joined! Charlie is so cute!!

cannwin said...

Mechanical Engineering, huh. I feel your pain ;) My husband's undergrad is in Civil Engineering and those mathematical men are just so frustrating sometimes. Sometimes I feel like screaming, "Our relationship cannot be fixed by logic and you are not SPOK!"

Other than that, I absolutely LOVE telling people what he does because they always go, Oooh.