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The Potty (while we are still on the topic)

For all you moms with potty trained kids! Ian just turned 2 last week! Hurray for the Awesome Twos! (I am trying to convince myself of that) Anyway, for several weeks he has shown some interest in the potty. He actually will go pee pee on the potty now about twice a day (before his nap and before bed). I have been laying low, not trying to force the potty training since he is still so young. I bought a potty seat for him. He doesn't like to sit on it but he stands over it and pees in the pot. (hilarious to watch!) We have also been reading several potty books. I don't want to push him (he is a cautious guy) but I also don't want to delay him if he is really ready. What do you moms think? How do you know when they are really ready?


Letti said...

For me I knew they were ready when they woke up with dry diapers. Boys are a lot different than girls and sometimes they need to start later. Both my girls were potty trained at 18 months and my son Chase was potty trained around 2 years old. Things that worked for us were cars, stickers, and m&m's. I did have to make sure that they only got candy if they used the toilet. I also have put all my babies on the toilet before giving them a bath and most of the time they didn't go but I just wanted them to get a feel for it. Another thing that helped was whenever I saw them straining to go to the bathroom I ran and put them on the toilet. I hope that some of these things are helpful. Good Luck.

Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

I have never dealt with a boy but with Mikelle she just woke up one day and said she wanted to go on the "big" potty. Every time she would go she would get an m&m. After she would go 5 times she would earn a princess then i would add to it and if she could make it in the potty the next amount of times she would get another etc. Then when she would go number 2 in the potty she got a big (barbie) princess. the bribery really worked. But the first day she watched lots of movies while sitting on her little potty drinking juice. I wanted to teach her to recognize the sensation. This worked really well for us. Hope this helps. My sister Aubrey used cars for her little boy, he could pick a new one out after every time going in the big potty.

Cassi said...

Parker never seemed "ready" so when he was 3 I finally just decided to start trying. And it took FOREVER! He just didn't care. But I think if they seem interested you should at least start trying and see if they catch on. I've heard if you miss the window it's a lot harder! There is a little boy in our ward now that was potty trained when he was like 18 months because he was all of a sudden interested... and sounds kind of like what Ian is doing! And it's definitely easier to do it before you have another baby!
I think Shalee really laid out the perfect potty training plan in her post! I hope I can be organized enough to do it with Mayli when Brian is on Spring Break!
Good Luck!
I still can't believe little Ian is 2!!!!

The Paynes said...

When they are excited to go. Make sure you have your husband teach him the "right" way to pee. Mine did not learn to unzip their pants before whipping it out and still sometimes get drips on their pants! Teach him now and you'll be so grateful for your clean toilet for years to come. ( I have two 5-yr old boys and they really do a number on their toilet every day!)