Ingredient of the month: Cream of Chicken Soup

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Spinach Dip

Since we're on the topic of eating our veggies, and using Sour Cream is our weekly ingredient, I thought this was fitting. This is definately a way I eat more veggies, I love making this dip because it is easy, and often I don't even include the spinach - just depends on how fancy I want to be!

What you do:
  • buy a packet of Knorr Veggie Soup/Dip mix
  • follow the directions on the back
  • serve with cut up veggies (I also like to dip toasted baguette bread in this... especially when I add the spinach)

It is a great tasting dip, great with veggies, toasted bread, or even pretzels. Plus it is easy and you don't really need to have anything weird to put in it. I usually always have sour cream and mayo in my fridge, so I love making this dip.

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