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Hi! I'm Andrea!

My name is Andrea Paulsen and I am a stay at home mom with our Daughter Mykl who will be 4 in July and we are expecting baby #2 (another little girl) the 2nd of May! My husband and I own our own Window Washing Company here in Idaho and that keeps us super busy. I also sel Mary Kay and then to top it all off, we manage rental properties! We are currently living in Shelley, Idaho but that is only for 9 more days and then we are moving to our new house in Idaho Falls!! We are super excited to have iour own place and not have people living in apts under us!!! I love to cook, scrapbook, take pictures, blog, and be a wife and a mommy! I am super excited to join this blog and share some of my thoughts and ideas as well as bask in everyone elses as well!!!


Cassi said...

Welcome Andrea!!
How do you say your daughter Mykl's name?

Andrea said...

like Mickell

Blake said...

fancy seeing you on here Andrea, i found this just searching for blogs in shelley for people i know.

Calise said...

Welcome Andrea! :)
This is a fun blog to be a part of!:)