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JELL-O Knox Blocks (Jigglers)

Ever since Thanksgiving we have been enthralled with Knox Blocks. I've also done it for preschool and I'm going to do it at our upcoming annual Valentine's Dress-to-Impress Kid's Dance Party! Each child gets to stamp out their own heart JELL-O jiggler. I love that they are mess free!! I also love to see how excited the kids get for them.

4 c. boiling water
9 oz. JELL-O (any flavor) p.s 9oz=3 small packages or 1 1/2 large packages
4 packages Knox-unflavored gelatine (1 box has 4 packages in it)

Mix everything together slowly with a wire whisk. You can scoop out the bubbles if you want to...or not. Pour into 17x12x1 cookie sheet. I put the cookie sheet mostly into the fridge and then pour the liquid into it to avoid spilling it in transport. Chill until set--I always make it the night before. Let the kids cut out shapes with cookie cutters. Hint: Dip cookie cutter into water every so often to help with cutting. Finally, get ready for lots of smiles and laughter.


Rachael said...

I was just looking for this recipe the other day! Thanks!

Cassi said...

Awww we will really miss the Dress-to-Impress party!!! :( :( :(

My kids would love these, maybe we'll have to try them out!