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I've heard several times before that the healthiest way to eat is to have lots of small meals/snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. But I have trouble finding good snacks. It's not that hard for me to find something healthy to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner but it seems like all the quick "snack" foods out there are just plain unhealthy. Or at least... all the good, not majorly overpriced snack foods are! So I'm wondering... what healthy things do you guys snack on? And not recipes (unless they are really easy) but rather things you can grab out of the fridge/pantry and enjoy whenever you have the munchies.


Bridget said...

I'm pretty sure I have a serious cheese addiction, because I really can't get enough of this delicious snack. We go through tons of string cheese and cheese and crackers. Also, I usually try to keep carrot sticks cut up to munch on those too. If you do feel like making something I like to make hummus or a really lowfat spinach dip to have to dip veggies or crackers in. Okay, the secret is out, I eat all the time and I love snacking!

Jill said...

We do a lot of cheese also. "Cheese sticks" are a hot item around here. I also love fruit. I am sure that I have a few pieces of fruit a day. Salsa is a staple. We try to get the healthiest (okay, the least un-healthy) tortilla chips we can so that we don't feel so bad eating as much as we do.

The Mortensens said...

I love popcorn, and I just bought a box of the 100 calorie mini bags from Costco. They are actually really good, and I can't even finish a whole bag in one sitting. We also really like spinach dip with veggies, this may sound weird and I don't know if it is a "muchie" but I've recently become addicted to fruity gum. Extra has a watermelon gum that I can't get enough of, and it seems to ward of my sugar addiction.... most of the time! :)

Shalee said...

I second the popcorn idea! I am not a great help on this because my theory is that snacks are meant to be UNhealthy. I try to make balanced meals and then our snacks are treats. I'm horrible, I know. We usually snack on licorice, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, a candy bar, or anything else with sugar in it.

I suppose raisins and fruit cups are good snacks too. Maybe I'll get healthy one of these days.

Andrea said...

for the chips and being unhealthy, just get a bunch of tortilla's and cut them up with a pizza cutter and then bake them at 375 for about 20 minutes or until they are crisy. you can spray them with pam and lightly salt them but we dont since there is salt in the salsa anyway!!! yummy!!!

cannwin said...

Apples. Plain, easy and the kids can grab them whenever they want. We go through about 10 a week at least. Last week my husband went to the store with me and he says "You're sure getting alot of those." and I said, "They won't last the week."

They don't.

The other is bananas, but they are more mommy involved than apples.

Besides, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' ;)