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SLEEP Please!!

Here is my first post in a very long time. I am at wits end with my 10 month old, he will not sleep through the night. Edward is so different from my 3 year old, the things that worked with Will just do not work for Edward. He takes two naps a day and falls asleep fine at bedtime, but at least once a night he wakes and when I pick him up he just cries and cries for about two minutes in my arms. It is worrisome and frustrating at the same time. Can anyone give me any insight? A good book or tecnque? It would make my night!!!


Anna said...

Try not picking him up, and just patting his tummy to let him know you are there. That worked with my oldest when she was about that age. After a few nights she was sleeping through the night...again, she went through spurts.

Bridget said...

I'm so sorry, Rachel! I definitely sympathize with sleep issues since our Rachel had such a hard time for so long (really until just a little while ago she was still getting up consistently). I read a ton of books and I really liked the Baby Whisperer because it had some gentle ideas, but it didn't really work for us. I think that our issues stemmed from her pacifier because she started waking up when it would fall out and then couldn't sooth herself back to sleep. If I remember correctly you let William cry, so I'm sure you've tried that with Edward. Hopefully something will work soon because I know it can be so frustrating! Good luck!