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Valentine Dinner

Well, my hubby and I have only celebrated valentines once.... I mean really celebrated where I planned a special meal, we ate it after our little boy was in bed, candles, chick-flick movie, everything. I even made a "mix" for our ipod that had all romantic songs on it. So, that one time it was really fun and we decided we need to do that every year, yet somehow, it just slips away from us and we just end up saying things like "We should watch a movie tonight" ( thinking that just because we said something it makes it different from every other night that we watch a movie.) My goal is to try to start celebrating the smaller holidays more, in simple ways. So, this year, so far, we've made heart shaped cookies, decorated them, wrote notes to dad on a whole bunch of paper hearts and taped them to our door, and we are making valentines tonight. Then tomorrow we are doing activities at playgroup, and Saturday we are celebrating with cousins.

I think we did pretty good this year.... now, I'm sure I've kept you all on the edge of your seat wondering what that one meal I made was...... here you go:

SCONES! They were delish. We made scones (the easy way, with Rhodes rolls), and had navajo tacos, and some with honey of course. We also had sparkly Italian soda in pretty glasses with floating cranberries. And for dessert, I think we had some sort of ice cream and brownies. It was yummy, and I even used my nice dishes for it!


Cassi said...

Yum! Scones and brownies sound like the perfect Valentine dinner!!

PS- sorry I keep moving everyone's posts down. I just don't want anyone to miss out on the giveaway. Keep posting though! :)

A note from Grandma K said...

Thank you for the idea! We love scones...that is a great Valentine meal and dessert!