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The controversy surrounding immunizing our little ones is fierce these days. I hate getting caught up in stuff like this, but with a new little boy in my house I can't help it. I have read a few books lately that have made me strongly think about creating my own immunization schedule for Collin. Don't get me wrong, I think that immunizing our children is very important and Collin will be fully immunized when he starts school. When I discussed this with my pediatrician he only said "there isn't any proof that they harm children". Well that may be true but there are a lot of mothers with sick kids who say otherwise. Something is causing these little ones to suffer, hopefully someone will figure out what it is. But until then, I can't help but be cautious. Have any of you delayed your child's immunizations? Does anyone have a good delayed schedule to share? I have Collin's 2 month appointment this week and I want to have a delayed schedule printed out to review with his dr. I will share what I come up with if anyone wants to know. Just wondering if I am the only one worrying about this these days.
I did see this staggering statistic yesterday for those friends of ours in Minnesota. 1 in 81 children have autism, this is the state with the highest number! To check out what the statistic is in your state check out this link ( Autism statistic ).


Anna said...

There isn't any hard proof that immunizations cause autism, and I feel, and now no one attack me, but I feel that parents want something to blame it on. There are so many children that have their immunizations and have no problem. I have a friend who chooses not to immunize at all, I can't even fathom that, but at our dr.'s office there is a sign that says "Parents that choose not to immunize your child, please thank those that do" I couldn't agree more. I haven't heard of people writing their own schedule, thats interesting, I'm interested to know what you find. But I for one don't worry about my children getting autism from being immunized.

Oesterle Family said...

My husband is a child psychiatrist and he has strong feelings about this. He states that there is no link between autism and immunizations and more importantly (like what was said above) that thanks to "the herd effect" parents that choose not to immunize are relatively safe. It's true autism is on the rise. It's also true autism is more prevalent in the US than anywhere else but it's also true that in recent years
cleaning chemicals,cell phone use, etc, etc, etc. have been on the rise and are more prevalent in the US.
I don't think delaying immuizations will be harmful but I also don't think getting them will be either.

Shalee said...

Christine, thanks for posting this. I find this issue so fascinating. I believe in immunizations and have always kept my kids current on their schedule. I don't have any basis for my strong belief other than my own personal experience and that my husband is in healthcare and he also shares my belief. I can completely understand how some moms blame vaccinations on their children being autistic. Although I've never dealt with Autism as a mother I do feel like the consequences that may come from not receiving immunizations is far too great and I don't have any concrete evidence that immunizations lead to autism. I feel a great amount of sympathy for mothers and children who are affected by this condition.

Cassi said...

I was an autism therapist when I went to BYU. The mom's of those kids has SEVERAL theories as to the cause, one of them being immunizations. However, my thoughts after working and seeing these children, I believe it's something that you're born with. Of course I have no idea if that's true (i have never done any research about it) but the symptoms the mom's talked about were there all along from birth, they didn't just appear after a certain immunization was given.

I agree with the other comments and I don't worry about having my kids immunized. I think people want something to blame (understandably) and because autism is diagnosed around the time when kids are getting lots of shots i think that's an easy thing to blame. Another thing that has been blamed a lot is Mercury. Who knows!?

Good luck with the delay plan! Let us know how that goes!!

Laura said...

Check out this article from Minnesota Parent magazine:

rdittli said...

I don't know the truth of the matter with autism, but no children's vaccines have mercury in them anymore. Still, there are other disadvantages to the current schedule. They do too many diseases at once. I re-wrote ours to spread them out, since most "adverse events" (as the literature refers to them) occur with multiple immunizations given at the same time. Spreading out the shots does mean that my kids are behind on a series or two for a while, but they seem to take them more easily - ie no crabby day-after syndrome. They also don't get any shots if they are sick with anything, even a cold. Frankly, I think it is very foolish to not be immunized. That doesn't mean that the State's simplified schedule is the only one or even the best one, though.