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Summer Reading

We love summer reading programs at our house.  My kids love keeping track of how many minutes/books they've read and the incentive prizes that the library gives them.  I love that they are having fun learning.  This summer is especially fun because my daughter has started reading books on her own too.  Our goal this summer is to read every kids book we own (that's a lot!)  We've taken them off their dusty shelves hidden back in the bedroom and brought them to our book nook in the living room.  Then once we've read the book it goes back on the (hopefully) less dusty shelf.  We still have a long way to go...good thing we have all summer!

For those of you Mommies unfamiliar with TumbleBooks I wanted to share a link with you.  TumbleBooks is a great source for the kids to go to when you're making dinner, mopping the floors, calming the baby, mowing the lawn, showering, dusting the get my drift.  It's basically the computer reading to your child and depending on the reading level shows the illustrations as well.  And let's face's a nice change from video games and movies.

Happy Summer Reading!!