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january's craft - feathered headband

Well, this isn't a food recipe, or my 2010 goals... but it is certainly something that will add a spice to your life! :) I've seen these cute, vintage-ish, headbands all over the place. So I thought I would try my hand at making some. These were SUPER fast, SUPER easy, and SUPER cheap! I love that combination.... here we go!

First, your supplies:

Feathers (can be found at almost any craft store, or you can order some online on Etsy)
Headband (fabric or plastic seems to be working for me, I got mine at Target)
Glue of some sorts, hot glue, craft tacky glue, whatever you've got that sticks (I opted for hot glue)
Felt for the backing, not much, just a few smallish pieces, depending on how big you want your feathers to span out.

(this is a horrible picture of supplies.... sorry I shouldn't have even put it in here)
Here's my feathers I chose.... I thought they were cute and would go with brown or black.

Step 1: get your felt and cut 2 pieces. This one is slightly larger, and oval shaped. I also did one that was a little smaller and round)
Step 2: Take ONE piece of felt and start glueing on feathers. Make sure they face the same direction (don't curve two ways) and spread out the way you want them to fan out. Work top to bottom, right to left.
Keep adding and layering until eventually you've got this:
Now, turn your feather pad over and put glue either on your headband or on the pad. I think it is easier on the pad:Then glue it to your headband. Let it set for a couple seconds, then glue the SECOND piece of felt to the back side to make it look all nice!

Ta Da! Here are the two I made all finished. It seriously took me less than 30 minutes from start to finish. The one on the left is the one I did with a smaller round circle. The one of the right is the oval shaped pad.
And, the end results..... a bunch of dorky pictures of myself sporting the fun accessorie. I love it. I'm going to be making a whole bunch more in the next few days I'm sure of it. What else is there to do in Cleveland when snow is falling by the FEET, you have a brand new baby, and you hardly ever go outside? Imagine all the colors.... I'm thinking turquoise peacock feathers are next on the list!
I told you these were dorky pictures. My photography friends are laughing their guts out right now.
This picture is dorky too, but I had to include it because you can see my little E baby in the background! Isn't he cute?!
Here's a top shot of the smaller one.....

Enjoy my friends! And please share if you make one!!


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Kara! Those are gorgeous.

Shalee said... are so cute...I love it! I want to make one for my daughter now!

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