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So we are currently living with my in laws which I love.... but it has thrown off our groove like no ones business! When we first moved in.... my oldest, Mykl who is 4 would not go to bed before midnight! Yes, it is difficult when grandma and grandpa, not interfere with our parenting, but definitely put in their 2 cents! We are now into more of a routine and will hopefully soooooon be buying our own place, but I am wondering........
What are some activities that we can do in the middle of winter at grandma and grandpas house that will make it feel some what like we are living our normal lives! I am somewhat organized here, but living in 2 bedrooms and having most of our lives in storage has made things a weee bit difficult!!! HELP! :)


gangstalking-australia said...

Mmm love the photo of the noodles, you've made me feel hungry. Most kids love cut outs, you look like you have talent in crafts etc, draw and paint some shapes, ships, animals houses, and cut them out and paste into their own scrap book, is one suggestion. As long as lots of newspaper on the floor for the mess they should love it. Hope you get your own home soon.

Bridget said...

We were in the same situation a couple of years ago and it was really hard to need to do your own thing, but at the same time being at the mercy of others' schedules as well. Even when it was cold, trying to have a little outside time each day was important for us. Even though you can't really spend long times outside in the winter, just getting ready to go outside takes a while, so it's still a pretty good activity! We also just stuck to the basics like play-doh and painting. Good luck, hopefully it will go quickly for you!

Shalee said...

I agree with Bridget...get out as much as you can!

I think having them help with things can make it easier too. The other day I threw all our clean socks into a pile and had the kids find the matches and hand them to me and then once they were all matched we had a sock toss and tried to throw them all into a basket. I DETEST folding socks but this made it so much more fun to have little helpers. It definitely took me longer but it was so worth it!

Good luck! I don't envy your situation but luckily it is temporary!