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Ideas for toddlers

I have an 18 month old boy and in May will have boy number 2, and while I'm really excited to have our family grow I feel like I need to get my life in order before the next one arrives. My question for all you expert mom's is what do you do all day with young children?

Porter is getting to the age where he is kind of in the middle of things, and I don't know what I can do with him all day without also being completely bored myself. For example. I can't take him to the park because he gets trampled on by the older kids, he can't sit and color because he sticks the crayons in his ears after 2 seconds of coloring, and the list goes so forth. He likes TV but we try to limit how much he can watch since it's my secret weapon when I need to get something done. Play dates are nice and usually occur about once a week but he still prefers to play by himself even though there are other kids around and just ends up making them cry by taking toys away from each other. We do read and play together but each activity doesn't last very long.

So moms, what do you do with your younger kids all day? Any activities or ideas would be very appreciated! Thanks!


David and Shelly said...

We would go to the library story time everyweek, naps, puzzles, books, trains, nursery rhymes, "Do as I'm doing", other songs, balls, walks in the stroller, do you have a wagon?, swimming in the summer. Adding a sibling will really add a dynamic that he will love!

The Mortensens said...

I feel like the best thing for me and my little boy when he was a toddler was a consistent routine. I would plan a routine, not necessarily a schedule with strict times. The routine changes frequently, almost every season, but it really helps to follow the same pattern each day. That way, my little guy knows when it's time to play on his own, and when we do certain things. Here's a sample: wake-up, breakfast, free play while mom cleans up/showers, etc., outing (library, groceries, other errands, playgroups) home for lunch, nap/quiet time, activity/craft together, free play or movie while mom makes dinner, dinner, clean-up, bed.

Something to that effect, I would try to plan what activities or crafts we were going to do, or have a simple new toy or new game to play. We would also read books during this time, or before the nap. I've decided that being a hands-on mom takes planning and preparation, but it is so worth it, our days go much smoother with a routine. Then I stay focused on what is really important instead of worrying about dishes or laundry.... those come in the spare moments, or during nap time.

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The Paynes said...

Try blocks. My boys loved them and it kept them busy for a while. Also, try getting a big cardboard box and making it into a house/store/car. Creative and cheap fun!