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Happy 2010! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's!
And since we're just starting out the New Year our "about us" question this month is; what are your New Year Resolutions for 2010? And what are you hoping 2010 will bring to you and your family? Are you moving, having a baby, or did you set some goals for yourself? Let's hear it!


The Mortensens said...

My only goal for 2010 was to get myself back into shape and begin a good workout schedule. So far, so good. I got Biggest Loser workout videos and I love them! Other than that, I'm just making an effort to slow down, enjoy my children, and live simply.

Shalee said...

My goal is to be more be kinder to my family and to serve others more. I also want to get rid of all the distractions I have during the day so I can just focus on being a good mom to my kids.

2009 was a good year but it was also the hardest year for me so I am really looking forward to 2010! We'll be having a baby, buying our first car since we've been married, and most likely changing jobs and moving. I love change and new adventures so I'm excited!

David and Shelly said...

Wow, Shalee, you've got a lot of change ahead.
I'm hoping this year will be calm. Our family exchanged books this year for Christmas. I want to read a lot more. Other than that, I'll just be doing a lot of the same, Primary Pres., taking care of two young boys, trying to get on top of planning dinner, continuing my strength training class...the usual.

Chalece said...

Well this year Rob, Brielle and I wrote down our goals and put them in a jar so that on the last day of the year we can get them out and read them.
I'm continuing my goal to make at least one new thing (craft, or new food) each month, I also would like to read more, and I want to run a 5K this summer.
We won't be moving, so hopefully we'll get to find more awesome things to do in MN!

Andrea said...

We are currently living with my inlawsin a hope to get out of debt~! we don't have tons but enough to get rid of.... 5000 is gone so far and we are going to set a goal to buy a house this year!!!! And my personal goal is to get skinny:) and love on my girls!!!! LOTS!!!

The Paynes said...

I just had a baby this week, so my goal for the year is to get back in shape and feel good. I also want to pay off any debts that have incurred from our home remodel. Other than that, I want to live more in the moment and less doing things because I think they are supposed to be done. Less dusting, more laughing!