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June's Monthly Craft - Car Trash Bag

Okay, I know from the title you are thinking I'm really weird.  But like I just said in my previous post, I have moving on the brain.  We are headed on a 12 hour car ride to move and I'm thinking of all the stuff that I'm going to need in my car.... and all the trash.  My hubby loves a clean car, to which I'm eternally grateful! It is always clean, so for this months craft I decided to make this car trash bag.  It is from this wonderful site called Make It and Love It.

And since our lives are pretty chaotic right now, I'm letting you use HER tutorial instead of mine.  Maybe if I get around to taking pictures, I'll post them of my finished product.


Shalee said...

That's a great idea Kara! Who would've thought you could make trash look so cute!

Cassi said...

I can't wait to make one of these for our car rideS!! We will definitely need one driving to UT then to AZ then back to UT! Eek! :)