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Nudity and Children...Whats your opinion?

Okay girls, I have another parenting challenge for you. I am really interested to get everyone's input on this one. When is your child too old to see their parents naked? I'm not talking about anything nasty (giggle) I'm wondering about letting them in the shower with me or changing clothes or things like that.

I have always taken baths with my babies. Not only do I enjoy it, but I have always thought it was a practical way to get us both bathed (showers are the first thing to get sacrificed when there is a new baby in the house). It just seems natural and of course My kids are totally accustomed to seeing me naked and are totally unfazed by it. Jack is five and I guess that at some point I should start making sure to cover up in front of him but honestly, privacy is such a rare commodity these days and we are so used to our routine. We have taught him about modesty and about respecting our bodies. We dress modestly and its not like we just walk around the house naked all day but if we are going swimming and changing into our swimsuits, I don't think twice about stripping down in his presence. I don't want to go through the hassle of wearing a swimsuit in the tub and I also don't want to lock him out of my bathroom when I take a bath or shower. I don't want to make an issue out of something that is not a problem.

I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts. Is it harmless? Maybe it helps him to be comfortable with his own body. Maybe he will need years of therapy to get my stretch marks out of his head.


Taylor said...

I think you will know when it is time to start covering up. My little girl is almost 3 and has been curious at times, but not enough for me to cover up! For me, when they are old enough to know and understand, what the body parts are, and are old enough to talk about them with their friends, then we have a problem. Which I would say when they start kindergarten. Good luck!

Shannon said...

Iwonder the same thing all the time. Within this last year I've been trying to teach my now 6 year old boy that mom needs privacy sometimes. I try really hard not to just "get naked" in front of him anymore. We only have 1 bathroom so that's hard sometimes if I'm in the shower & he needs to go pee. If he's still in there when I need to get out I just tell him to go out for a few minutes. I don't always cover up though if I just need to run out & get something. It's funny. Some days I really care & others I don't. I swear my 2 year old stares at my boobs when he sees me getting dressed & I wonder what's going through his little mind, like...oh I remember those. LOL!! Whenever you think you need to cover up I guess. I am trying to teach my oldest about in progress. It makes me giggle too.

Cassi said...

This is a funny question to read the comments for! :)
I guess I am a pretty private person. I would definitely not be comfortable if my oldest son, who is 5, saw me naked. And I would probably be uncomfortable if my 3 year old daughter saw me too.
Once they are done nursing I pretty much avoid being uncovered around my kids. And once they can talk and ask questions I make sure I'm covered around them.
Maybe that's extreme... I'm sure they wouldn't be scarred for life. It's just my personal preference. I was always the girl hiding in the bathroom stall to change for gym class while everyone else changed in the locker room! :)
But as far as how old should they be? I'd say between 4 and 5, or school age. And I think gender makes a difference too.

Anna said...

My children (both girls) are 3 and 2 and I see nothing wrong with them seeing me naked. For one, they have to be where I'm at, if I close the bathroom door for a shower or even to use the toilet they whine. So we just have an open door policy. My oldest has asked questions about my boobs and I just explain to her that Heavenly Father gave them to me so I can feed the baby. (I'm pregnant) and I explain that one day she'll be able to feed her baby's too. Generally its as if they don't even notice I have no clothes on. I don't parade naked around my house but I don't hide when I shower or change either. I guess I don't really have an exact age in mind, I think just when I start to feel they are too old to see me naked.

Shalee said...

What a funny post! But I've wondered the same thing!

My husband and I feel like once children can "remember" and have memories then it's time to be extra cautious. I think that's usually around 3 or 4. We try to be really modest around them...but sometimes it's easier to quick shower them off with you after the beach. Like Cassi said, I do believe that gender matters.

Rachel said...

Here is just what I have learned from my mom and sister. My sister is not comfortable with her body, I am. My mom thinks this is because my parents were both open with me when I was a kid but then not with my sister. I have a 3 1/2 yr old and we are naked in front of him. I think it can be a good teaching time to inform them about private parts and modesty. As in almost everything I think you will know when it is time to cover up. We need to trust ourselves more sometimes and not wonder what society is doing or thinks. It is nice to hear everyones input!!

Christine Archibald said...

I was just thinking about this issue as well. I have a 3 yr old son who sometimes see me get out of the shower and nurse the baby (I don't cover up at home). I have been wondering when to lock the bathroom door.
My older sister just told me that she remembers showering with my dad when she was 3-4 and is still traumatized by it! So I think it does matter when it comes to gender.

David and Shelly said...

So I guess I need to un-teach my 2-year-old that my boobs aren't "milk machines"? Just kidding!! This is a great question. We have a shower in our masterbath that is see-through and we shower with our 2-year-old son all the time. He has, on occasion, asked me what "those" are when I'm nursing our new little boy. He has also had to learn that you can't body slam mom like you can dad.