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Tricks of the Trade Question!

Organized Cleaning!
OK I'm just curious how every one's cleaning routine goes and what type of cleaning techniques people might recommend!
I live in a house now and it is way different now that nothing gets cleaned or organized on it's own like it does when your little! I'm a pretty clean person, messes drive me nuts, but I'm also lazy so messes come! I'm not someone that cleans all day everyday, or at all everyday for that matter! I just kind of do little things here and there that need to be done until they are all slowly done and it's time to start over! I would like to have more of a schedule for things to get done now that I have a baby it would probably be easier to make sure I do it!
I was thinking about it and I couldn't decide if it's better to spend one whole day a week cleaning, or doing one different thing everyday or just take like 30 minutes everyday to clean random stuff! I don't know I'm curious what most people do or if anyone has found a system that really works! It seems to not be a huge deal just yet cause I just have one baby so we don't have tons of laundry or dishes yet and my husband is actually a really good cleaner so it never really gets to bad, but I wanna get in a good habit when I do have more kids because who knows what will happen then! ha ha
AND how often do you do little deeeep cleaning (baseboards, walls(?), window seals, etc.?)
Gotta get used to keepin' a house in order now! Any good tips is appreciated:)


Lisa said...

It's taken me a long time to develop this habit. Years. But I try to clean as I go. My house is never truly awesome, but it's not overwhelming because of that.

Also, while the kids are playing in the bath, I clean the bathroom. If I'm gonna be stuck there watching them play, I might as well get something done.

Cassi said...

I agree with Lisa. Cleaning as you go is the smartest way to do it! Especially with things like dishes!
But sometimes that's not always possible.
I don't have a "schedule" for cleaning, I wish I did though. I try and clean as we go and then do one "chore" (like bathrooms, laundry, etc) per day. I don't think it would work for me to save it all for one day. That would be one NOT FUN day! :)
And sometimes I have to just wait until the kids are in bed and then clean up the room/do the dishes. Not ideal since I'm tired by then too but if you don't do it then the next day will be all the more stressful!