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Stuffy Noses

Okay, we're on night three (or is it four now... it's all blurring together) of our 7 year old daughter waking up and wailing that her nose is stuffed up.

It's driving us nuts! The child is definitely of the mindset 'if I'm not happy, ain't no one gonna be happy.'

We've tried getting her to blow her nose, but she insists that she can't. We've tried Mentholatum (sp?) but she swears it doesn't work. We've suggested propping herself up, she says she can't sleep that way (to which I want to say "Well you sure as **** aren't sleeping now are you!?"... I don't do well without my sleep).

We're at our wits end, she does this every time she gets a stuffy nose and I really wish I could just take one of those bulb syringes and suck it all out for her, just so we can get some sleep!

Oh, and when I say she wails, I'm talking gnashing of teeth stuff here. She's not quiet.

So does anyone have ANY suggestions!? Please?


Anna said...

My 3 year old has the same issue. Not every night but if she can't breathe out her nose boy do we hear about it. I tell her to breathe out of her mouth them, to which she replies "but I don't want to snore". I then tell her to get a tissue and a q-tip and I will gently swab it out, obviously don't go to far in. That seems to work, but if its just generally stuffy and not "clogged" then I tell her she just has to deal. And thank heavens she leaves it at that. I guess I suggest a q-tip. But try not to gag, its quite gross.

Andrea said...

With our new baby the doctor told us that if she got a stuff nose to put a humidifier in the room with her. We have tried it and it may work for you too!! Good luck!

Christine Archibald said...

I don't have much advise as I do sympathy! Sounds like some rough nights at your house. Have you tried those breath right nasal strips? I think they make them for kids now or a sinu-clense? I have never tried the breath right things myself but when I am stuffy I use the sinu- clense thing. It is kinda weird at first but it really helps. She may not be willing to try it. Hope you find a good solution.

Bridget said...

Sad! I also am not the happiest with lack of sleep! Something that has helped our kids a lot is just using the vapor rubs on their bellies and backs. I've heard you can even put a tiny bit right under their noses, but I haven't tried that yet. Good luck - hopefully she'll get better soon!

The Mortensens said...

When my little boy gets sick with stuffy noses and colds, I make sure to give him a nice warm bath before bed, you can even buy the vapor stuff you add to their bath that is supposed to help, but I've never tried it. We sometimes let the shower run for a little beforehand to get the bathroom nice and steamy. It helps all the stuff stuck up there to break up a little and then we can blow, blow, blow, use some saline solution, and then pile on the Vicks, on their chest, back, and a little under then nose, like Bridget said. I try to remind him NOT to sniff, that I'll help him blow, sniffing seems to pack it in there even more.

Good luck, I know how she feels, I hate sleeping with a stuffy nose, it is hard!

K Willson said...

I know some magic. This sounds outrageous, but my sister's a medical assistant for a pediatrician, and they told her to put the vick's on her kidds feet, and then put socks on them. The idea is (I think, don't quote me) that when we get sick it travels through the body from the head to the feet. Anyway, the pores are so sensitive on your feet it seriously pulls it right out. I thought it was a little crazy -- but I was desperate. It honestly works ... I swear. Every time they even start to get stuffy or a cold now, I do that before bed and they wake up significantly improved if not better!! GOOD LUCK!

Staci Kramer said...

Okay, I am by far the meanest mom on here but I suspect this is a behavior problem more than a nasal problem. She has your number. Kids seek attention (even if its negative) and when they get it they repeat and repeat. I am also a BIG believer in sleep. Everyone benefits from a well rested mother so you need to take some steps to make your sleep a little bit sacred. I hesitated to leave a comment because I know this sounds harsh, but I wouldn't let her out to complain about a stuffy nose. Explain to her that she is smart and capable and that you have every bit of confidence in her ability to figure out how to deal with a stuffed nose on her own. Wish her luck and then lock her door if you have to. There's no reason to fight or get mad, she's a big girl and can work it out. Of course you need to intervene if she is really sick or wakes up in pain, but I would bet my life that that is not whats going on with this. You might have to grit your teeth through a couple of rough nights of screaming, but in the end both of you will get the rest you need and I bet this nasal problem will magically disappear once she has no hope of getting her mom all worked up.