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Free Paint

I'm all about free stuff, more likely to actually go out and purchase the item when I need it if I remember they totally hooked me up the one time (and as long as I actually liked the product). This month Glidden is giving away a free quart of paint. Perfect if you have a little project you want to do. I already ordered mine and it was at about it at the bottom of the page, also I think it ends on July 2nd. There are no strings attached from what I have seen so far, so why pass up a free deal???? super easy and will get here in 3-4 weeks. Go to
**** Apparently they had an overwhelming response to it so they are no longer offering the free quart, now you get a $5 rebate instead. Well, it was good while it lasted.


The Mortensens said...

I did this today! I can't wait for my free paint, I think it is going to be used on a wall in my craft nook! :) Yippee! Oh and Glidden paint is really good, I have liked it a lot, I used it on my yellow chairs.

Shalee said...

Oh...thanks! I ordered mine I just have to think of something to paint!

Cassi said...

i ordered some too! thanks for the tip! i have lots of things i want to paint after we move in to our house!