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Cottage Cheese

Well, I couldn't think of an actual recipe I have that calls for Cottage Cheese, besides lasagna, but I don't make that.... so I thought I would tell you what we like to eat with cottage cheese.

Here are our favorite cottage cheese combinations:
 - cott. chz and blueberries (my son's fav, just a bowl of frozen blueberries and some cottage cheese!)
- dip potato chips (the good and salty plain Lays) into cottage cheese
- pears and peaches are a must!
- okay, this one is a little weird, but we like it.... we put a little spoonful of cottage cheese into our mac 'n cheese.  I think it is really yummy!
- we like to dip just about anything salty into cottage cheese, wheat thins, pretzels, and ritz crackers

I know this isn't too exciting, but we do like cottage cheese and eat it often!


David and Shelly said...

Wheat thins and cottage cheese!!! One of my favorites!

Cassi said...

Yum!! These are great snack ideas! We like to have cottage cheese with pineapple chunks too!

Christine Archibald said...

I love cottage cheese with fruit on it too. I also love to mix cottage cheese with yogurt and sometime top that with fruit too. It adds some good protein to the yogurt.