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Hahaha, Its Me Again!!!

I'm expecting my third child, and we are so excited, we find out the gender a week from tomorrow!!! My 3 year old Mikelle, is dead set on having a another girl, and she nearly breaks down into tears when I ask her what she'd do if its a boy. I have been talking about how fun little boys are too, but its not working. I really felt that my first two were girls and they were, this one I feel like is a boy, I could be totally off my rocker (I'll let ya know next week), but if it is a boy I need to be able to prepare Mikelle before she finds out the gender. The one thought I have is to let her pick out the little blue outfit to bring him home in. But I need more, I need to have some ideas for this week to prep her before we find out and some for immediately following the ultrasound. I know some of you are thinking why not just wait until I know, but if I do that she'll be shocked when she hears its a boy and she needs to be prepared for the "just in case". So please help!!!

Also thank you for the "hitting" hints, Kaylee still hits but its not as bad now that I deal with it differently, so thank you!!


Bridget said...

It is hard when they get so stuck on one gender. We were sure that our second would be another girl and were all floored when the ultrasound tech told us differently. Our daugther kept calling the baby "baby Mia" because that was the name that we'd chosen and it took a long time to convince her we were actually having a boy. I don't have any great suggestions, just maybe really play up how much fun brothers can be. Our daughter regularly makes our little boy the "prince" in her games and it has been fun for her to be able to "teach" him all the new things big sister get to teach. I think the outfit is a great idea, or maybe going to a fabric store and looking at the great truck, puppy dog, ball, or other little boy prints so she can get some ideas of all the fun boy stuff. Good luck and I hope that everyone is excited after the big news!

Shalee said...

I would probably wait until after the ultrasound to prepare her. If you get her thinking about a boy now and then it is a girl she might be more confused. If it is a boy, I love your idea of her picking out an outfit. They also have books at the bookstore that you can read there with her regarding being a big sister...I'm sure they have one about having a baby brother.

My son still walks around in snow white high heels and bonnets and aprons that he gets from his sister so really they aren't that different...ha ha.

Keep us posted if it is a girl or a boy!

Anna said...

Bridget, I love the Prince idea!!! Mikelle is my child I have to prep for everything, she doesn't handle change well, and I just know that if she is dead set that its a girl then finding out its a boy would crush her. So...I told her that if its a boy he could be the Prince and she could be the Princess! It totally worked, she now wants a boy! I think I have her so geared up for a boy that now its going to be a girl. hahaha, at least she'll be happy either way. So thanks for the great tips.

Cassi said...

I've been trying to come up with some good advice for you all week! I'm glad the prince idea worked for you!! Can't wait to find out what it is!!