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Keeping a clean house

So I kind of forgot it was my turn for Tricks of the Trade but here it is. How do you keep your house clean when its too cold to play outside. I feel like all I do is straighten up my house. I even have a play room with rules that no toy is to come upstairs, but its not always followed. I feel like I spend my day picking up this or that. When its warm outside, I'll pick up the house during naps and then we'll head outside in the afternoon, but any ideas on how to keep it clean in the winter without spending your entire day straightening??


Cassi said...

I really wish I had an answer for you! But we have the same problem!!! I hate it! And our place is so small that I feel like it's just messy all the time, when really it's just toys spread out everywhere! I hope other people have some good answers! :)

Calise said...

Well, my house is never clean- with 3 kids, it is hard to keep toys off the floor, and off of every other counter, table and seat! So, one thing for me that has helped is teaching my kids EARLY to clean up their toys. I have all the toys in totes (besides the big ones) and I have plastic shelves in the play room (target- $10) Since every toy has a place, they need to learn that they can play with one tote- then they have to pick up the toys before I will open the lid to another tote of toys. Also before bedtime scriptures and prayers, the toys have to be picked up. We have a 5 min. pick up where I set the timer, and everyone helps- even my 1 yr old. Even though sometimes the house isn't spotless, when the kids help, they learn to not make such big messes or they will just have to pick them up!
I hope this helps! But I just remember this quote- "Sorry about the noise and mess, my kids are making happy memories"

Bridget said...

I love that quote and it makes me feel better about the clutter covering my girl's floor right now. I might have mentioned this before, but my sweet mother-in-law told me when my oldest was a baby that she'd learned the hard way not to stress about the toys. When her boys were young she would run after them picking up all day and never feeling like it was done. Later she figured that they would just have a couple of times a day where everyone would clean and she'd let things go how they may in between those times. I've adopted that philosophy and we clean up our main rooms (me and the kids) before quiet time, so at least the space I'm looking at is clean for a little while (selfish, I know...) and then before bedtime, we tidy up everything else so it's in order for the next day. Sometimes it drives me crazy in between when there are toys around, but it really doesn't take too long when everyone is helping at the end of the day.

Organization is key for us too. When my little girl can't find a toy, I really stress where it should have gone and that it would be easier if it was in the right place. I know it sounds mean,but she really is getting good at putting things where they should go because she wants to know where her toys are. Good luck and other tips would be great to hear!

The Mortensens said...

I think I've said this before, but we do something similar to Bridget. Before naps and bedtime, we do a little tidy up/clean up. I usually get on the floor and help or else my boy thinks it is way too hard and freaks out that he's cleaning all by himself.

One thing my sister does that I'm planning to adopt is that she keeps everything on a shelf in a closet in clear plastic bins. On the front of the bins she has a picture and words for what goes in there (cars, soft/stuffed animals, barbies, etc.). So, her kids always know where to put things away and are learning at the same time. It also makes it easier for them to find what toys they are looking for when the time comes.

Overall, I try to remind myself that right now, my little guy wants to be where I am, and that means that his toys are there too. My mother in-law has taught me to always tidy up before I go to bed as well, that way, the morning seems to be a little brighter and less stressful!

Shalee said...

We've been playing clean up games lately. I'll give the kids a toy and they race to put it away and then race back to me. While they are doing that I pick up some of the toys that are easier for me to put away.

As for my messes, after dinner I used to leave the mess while I got the kids bathed and to sleep. By then I was worn out and the last thing I wanted to do was wash dishes and sweep the floor!! Now, I let the kids play for a while and I take 15 minutes to clean up the kitchen. It has kept me house SO MUCH cleaner.