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In need of help

I am looking for reccomendations for a backpack. Ella has outgrown the Bjorn and we want to be able to take her out hiking and playing this summer. There are so many different backpacks out there with such a huge price range. I am willing to pay more if it is worth it, but I don't want to just go get the most expensive one and assume it will be comfortable for the adult, child, AND easy to use. Does anyone have any suggestions or ones they really liked or didn't like???

Also, I friend of mine started introducing her 9-month old to a potty and now that he is 13-months he is starting to use it. Any suggestions here. . . .methods for potty training, good potty seats, etc


Bridget said...

Great question on the backpack - we need a bigger one too (we just used a Snugli when they were little, but it was a little hard to get on and off). As for potty training, during our oldest's 2 year appointment the peditrician was impressed with her vocabulary and mentioned that we should start potty training because she was so smart and it would be simple. Long story short, it was NOT simple and it really took almost a year before she even cared. I really tried a million different things, but the bottom line - heh, heh, heh - was that she wasn't motivated to do it yet. People think I'm kidding when I say this, but I really am not going to try potty training again until my children tell me they want to. I know that many parents have success younger, but I just couldn't figure out how to do until she cared! So, I guess I need to hear other's advice too since one day my son probably won't want to be in diapers the rest of his life!

The Mortensens said...

We don't own a backpack, so I can't really help you there. But with potty training, seriously, don't rush it. Just like Bridget said, you'll save a lot of energy, have less tears, and less stress if you know your child is ready... or if you give it some time. Yes, a potty trained child is nice in the fact that you don't have to change as many diapers, but it adds a whole new dimension to life. Diapers are so easy to just pick up your kid and walk out the door. With a potty trainer you are constantly stressed every place you go and Will got so sick of my asking if he needed to go potty that he would literally run away from me if I asked him! It does save me diapers but he is still not totally dry at night, so we still buy diapers. He will be three soon.

BUT, I got really lucky. I decided we were getting close and he was really verbal and would tell me when he needed a diaper change. So I thought, I would buy some undies (that he picked out), and a potty seat (that he also picked out, with good big handles). Then I thought I would just try, knowing that if it didn't take quickly then I would stop and try later. Well, it took. He did great, because he WAS ready, and I didn't have to push him to do it.

Good luck, and don't be in a hurry!! Some kids, boys and girls, potty train at 18 mo. some at 3 years, and some even later.

Cassi said...

I don't have a backpack either, sorry! By the time my kids grew out of the Bjorn we took a stroller everywhere... but that probably won't be the best thing on a hike!

How old is Ella? I really can't imagine potty training a baby. I've heard of people doing it but before 2ish I think they are too young to recognize when they have to go. The people that I've heard about take the baby and hold them over the potty every hour or so. That sounds like so much work to me when they might not even get it.
I didn't train Parker until he was 2 1/2 and he wasn't fully trained until he was 3. Mayli was a lot easier and trained at 2. Jaden is 18 months and I can't imagine trying to get him to go on the potty yet. I wait until I know they are ready and understand what we are doing. But good luck to ya if you try it out now! Let us know how it goes.

Oesterle Family said...

Ella is 10 months. I'm not doing anything yet, but my friend has a book that she is going by that has you introduce the potty and let them explore and check it out at 9-months then when they are walking you take a few trips to it during the day when they sit on it, etc. I haven't read the book.
I was just wondering if I was missing the boat with Ella.
Thanks guys!

Cassi said...

That's funny! Well if you're missing then boat then so are the rest of us!! If you try it out definitely post about it!!

Leigh said...

We have an REI backpack that we love. I looked on craigslist often until I found someone selling it. I paid $60 instead of the $150 they are originally, but the other people had only used it once. My husband is the one who wears it, but he says that its great and our daughter loves it.

And about potty training...our daughter is potty trained as of this month and she turns 2 on Monday. (I'm expecting another baby in April and really wanted her trained before then). As was said above...I think she was really ready. She got it within the 1st couple days. She loved her pretty panties. I know a lot of kids have trouble going 'poop' on the potty. I honestly think we avoided that difficulty because I started putting her on the potty when she would start to poop in the tub (YUCK I hate that). She was about 10 months the first time that happened. We gave her fruit snacks and praised her and then my husband since then (he bathes her) has put her on the potty before the bath every night. With in the last few months she has started telling him during the bath when she needs to go. So we gave it a go and thankfully she has done awesome. (A huge blessing for me!) A friend recently said, if they don't get it within 3 days try again in a few months. Oh and my daughter LOVES chocolate, so we got a big bag of M&Ms and she gets 2 every time she goes (major motivator for her!!) I know she has control, because there have been times she asks to go, will only go a little and within an hour asks to go again (and go) just to get more M&Ms!!

Sorry for the long comment....good luck!

rdittli said...

On the backpack, we have two. They cost a combined total of $5 (used, of course). The reason there are a million different kinds is that everyone likes their pack a little different. The children have never expressed a preference other than "in" or "out." Go try a few on, carry a bag of flour or something around to simulate your sleeping baby, or just get a cheap one at a yardsale. That way, you can take it for a hike and get rid of it if you want without feeling bad about the money.
My opinion on potty training: before their nerves are fully myelinated, potty training is for the parent, not the child. In other words, at least 18 months old. And at that point, if the training doesn't take in three or four days, I quit and wait a few more months. (That's the advice I got from my cousin, who has seven children.) I also hate cleaning potties - what is the difference between cleaning that and a bad diaper?- so my children have to be able to use the normal toilet. Therefore, my two 1/2 year old isn't potty trained yet. On the other hand, my strong willed sister in law and similarly disposed son have been toilet training since he was about 9 months old. He would be good for a several months, then revert, etc. But in the intervening three years, she has had to buy fewer diapers, and now both of her kids are potty trained, at least during the day. The second one she didn't start until she was 18 months old or so. I think this story proves that I am right.:) There you have it - now you know that I have strong opinions about some rather minor things. Have fun with your baby and let me know what you discover!

Shalee said...

I hate to admit it but I am a snob when it comes to buying "used" things unless it is someone I know really well. We got our backpack new from REI and we love it. I think it retails for $100 and we found it on sale. We love it.

Oesterle Family said...

Shalee, which one is it? REI has several!

Shalee said...