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Fun cupcakes

Thanks for all the advice on dental stuff. Very helpful. We always make sure Charlie watches my husband and I brushing our teeth and we have a "family teeth brushing party" as often as we can. I just let Charlie chew on the tooth brush and he is even getting the back and forth movement.

However, this post has nothing to do with good dental hygiene practice. In fact, just the opposite. But we all can use a little treat now and then. I made these for a cub scout cake auction last week and they were a hit. My husband and I spent some time "wrapping" the roses but they were well worth it in the end. I got the idea from Family Fun, however their recipe calls for MINI cupcakes which I didn't read until after I had already made normal sized ones. But it still worked. Make sure you get the fruit-by-the-foot with the wavy perforated line instead of all the other crazy design that are available. We had to search for a box in the back that showed on the front that it was, in fact, the wavy design, which, I think, only comes in Cherry Rage or Strawberry flavors. We wrapped a cereal box in foil and taped the cupcakes down for a nice presentation. Sold for $27!


Christine Archibald said...

Shelly, Those look gorgeous! I like how they look on the big cupcakes too. I will definitely need to find a reason to make these soon. How are you liking MD? We need to come visit you soon!

Mad Hadder said... my husband and ME. Objective case. La la la, just being the mom.