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Beating the Cold

It's definitely cold season around here. And it seems like when you hear one person in the ward is sick it's bound to get to your family sooner or later. And now with cold medicine being off limits for kids under 6 it's hard to make the little ones feel better and able to sleep. So my question this week is: What are you natural cold remedies? What have you found that works to help fight a cold faster or at least provide some relief? Also.. is it ALL cold and cough medicines that were taken off shelves or just a certain ingredient?

**Is anyone up for doing the tricks of the trade post next week? I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing from me! :)


Jill said...

I love my humidifier! It seems like Anthony's cough is less severe and even the skin around his nose is less irritated from the constant wiping when we use it. Sick kids are so sad. We try to remember to wash hands a lot (when we get in the car after leaving a store, or just when we get home from anywhere) to try to prevent some of the colds. Even so, they just seem to happen. Good topic! (I'm up for next week's.)

Cassi said...

Good tip! I've actually never tried a humidifier!
Thanks for taking next week! I'm running out of questions! :) If anyone else wants a turn let me know and I'll make a list.

Christine Archibald said...

Hi, I see those sub zero temps and I really feel for you gals in MN! I also put a humidifier in Ian's room when he has a cold, well actually I put one in his room all winter when we lived in Minnesota since it was so dry there. When Ian has a cold I also like giving him a warm bath with vapor bubble bath and then I put him to bed with vick's vapor rub on his chest. The kid's version smells so much better then the adult one! Sign me up for a week too.

The Paynes said...

Trent and I dose up ourselves with vitamin C supplements if we feel a cold coming on. Half the time it works and we don't get sick. It is so much easier to take care of kids when you are not miserable.

Bridget said...

So, I know this is late on the draw, but we've been dealing with a very sick baby here and a tip the doctor gave me has been a lifesaver. We've put a small pillow (the one we used was a circular decorative one) under one side of his mattress to raise it up a bit and he has slept a ton better. We have definitely preferred this to holding him all night, which is what we did the two nights before trying this trick!