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Dentist Prep

I bought the fruity gel. I purchased the tiny toothbrush made with bright colors and a beloved children's show character. I even sing a special teeth brushing song. And yet, as I fight to brush my son's teeth and watch him freak out a little at the doctor when it is time for the tongue depressor, I worry about our first trip to the dentist. He is approaching the age and I was hoping that before we go, we could get some tricks on preparing him to go and not to dread the dentist in years to come.


Letti said...

I have alwasy talked to my kids about how fun the dentist is and I like to practice on them too. I am having trouble with Cole letting me brush his teeth. I hope that as he gets older it gets easier. The Berenstein Bears have a really cute book about the dentist and my kids love it. Maybe he can relate to a book?

Cassi said...

Great question! We actually haven't taken Parker to the dentist yet but I was just looking around to make him an appointment somewhere. I think talking about it helps a lot, so there are no surprises. Paker is very nervous about the dr and stuff too so I've been nervous about this but we've put it off too long.
We have some girls on here that have husbands who are dentists or dental students so I'm interested in what they say! :)
I'm also curious, what is the right age for their first exam and cleaning? And is there anything you should look for when you are looking to take your child somewhere?

Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

My daughter had her first dentist appointment at 18 months, pediatrician's recommend it. She of course screamed and screamed, but then at her second appointment just before Christmas, I talked to her about it every day for a week before. I explained how she would have to open her mouth really wide and they would clean her teeth, and when it was all done she would get a prize. We got there and she handled it very well. They didn't do a cleaning but they painted some fluoride on her teeth, well actually she wanted her daddy to do it so they let him do it. The dentist office is pretty cool though they have a movie for her to watch as she lays on the bed. I think it helps to start them young because then they just kind of remember always going...I guess.