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i've been thinking a lot about posting to the site, but i was having a hard time coming up with something that would be useful and fun for all of us moms. for those who know me, you may know that i am an avid FAMILY FUN reader! i live for the magazines and ideas. yesterday while i was organizing my FAMILY FUN binder (yes, i have a binder of things i tear out of the magazine - feel free to borrow it anytime!), i came across an inspirational idea. FAMILY FUN has a section of each issue titled "preserving family memories." a couple months ago, the idea was on making a guide to your hometown. i think the title was "write the book on your corner of the world..." as i read this i thought what a great idea. they include pictures of favorite parks, museums, restaurants, events in the community, etc. they included pictures of their family eating at these places, or at certain events and then wrote a little paragraph about why they enjoy it and what they do at those places. then they put it in a cute little book/photo album to cherish forever. i know many of us are here for a short time and what a great way to remember our great days in MN!

so i think as contributors to this blog, we could do something like this together by sharing some of the unique and great places that we go as a family or as moms and kids. we can all include the great places we go all the time like como zoo, but there may be places that we've never been before or never heard of that we might want to include in our scrapbook. i love this idea and i know that Will and i will love looking at it in the future and i can tell him "remember when we used to go to the library everyday because we were poor and we couldn't go anywhere else...hahaha" just kidding.... but on a more serious note, these are precious days we spend as college students and we need to remember the wonderful, fun, hard, and sometimes very hard times, in a positive way such as this!

i couldn't find a link for this project on-line, please if you are interested in more info and ideas and pictures to see how they put it together, let me know and I'll make copies for you!

PS - sorry for the lengthy post!

1 comment:

Cassi said...

That's a great idea! I'll have to start tinking of places we go that aren't the common ones. We are always looking for different places to go too.
We've never done the apple picking or pumpkin patches in the fall! Maybe we should all get together and do something like that this year!
I'd love a copy of the project.