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So I haven't even posted anything yet but I am Joni Lee. Our family just moved to Minnesota from Utah to go to school here for my husbands MHA degree and so far we really love it...but we haven't been here a winter yet so we will see! I have my associate degree in Medical Assisting and worked in a pediatric office for a little over two years, and loved it. My husband Brian, and I got married 3 1/2 years ago and we have two wonderful little boys who keep me busy; Marcus is 22 months and Tyson is 9 months. They are both really fun and I am grateful that I have the chance to watch them grow. Some things that I enjoy doing are skiing, hiking, running, and pretty much anything outdoors, but the biggest thing is being a mom. My favorite thing about being a mom is that each day I have the chance/responsibility to teach my boys what is really important in life as I am learning it with them. They teach me so much and I hope that somehow I can instill this gospel into their hearts so they can be truly happy. It is amazing how when you have those days where you relax just enough and let them teach you...those days are the best. Thanks Cassi for inviting me to this blog I will start to contribute a little more.


Cassi said...

Your family is so cute! The winter's are brutal here, it's good there are so many fun people to make it bearable!

The Mortensens said...

Joni, I'm glad you are on this blog. Don't worry about winter, it's freezing as it should be, but actually pretty comparable to Logan. Just make sure you all have thermals that fit under your jeans!