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I did this with Will and we had a lot of fun. We hung them up by his little table and he loves to look at them and say "ghost toes!" or he'll shake his head no and say "mommy, paint toes" - he wasn't too fond of the paint, but he liked the finished product. It only took us a few minutes, and I thought this would make a great Halloween card for grandparents who live far away, as well as a great keepsake to see how your kids grow throughout the years!!

What You'll Need:

white craft paint

black construction paper

foam paint brush

little feet :)

black permanent marker

Here's How:

Paint the bottom of your youngsters feet. Firmly "plant" them - one at a time - on the black paper, repeat with the other foot. After they are dry, color eyes and a spooky mouth on them. I also wrote their name, age, and date on them with a silver pen (it just doesn't show up).

PS - I think this would be SO fun to do on a black tote bag for a trick-or-treat bag, then it would be a keepsake for years!!!


Shalee said...

That is adorable! You are so creative Kara!! I am definitely going to do this with Jared and (my) Kara!

Heathere Willoughby said...

This is great - I'm doing it with Lijah!!!! Say.....Shalee or Cassi.....can I be added as a mommy?

The Mortensens said...

Thanks for thinking I'm creative Shalee... but of course, this brilliant, easy idea came from Family Fun - my "mommy bible". You should all sign up, it is only 10$ a year!

Christine Archibald said...

SO cute, I love family fun too. I need to do more of the projects!