Ingredient of the month: Cream of Chicken Soup

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4 or Less Recipes

In my area we just have a very small Branch (congregation) and the poor missionaries get fed only a few days each week.

Usually I wouldn't worry to much about this, but these two happened to mention that they had eaten Mac and Cheese for the 4 days before we fed them.

I felt bad and decided it might be useful to compile a bunch of simple recipes for them to use. So I'm looking for things that take about 3-4 ingredients (not anything like steak) to make.

Does anyone have any ideas? Anything simple and easy that two 19 year old guys could cook on the days no one else is feeding them?

I think they'd really appreciate it, and if we get enough everyone could hand their missionaries a little booklet.

So show me what you got ladies!


Chalece said...

I just had the missionaries over at my house on Monday, and I made tacos. The only cooking involved is browning the meat, then whatever toppings they want. I also LOVE double deckers from Taco Bell, so when I make them I also get soft tortillas (the small ones) and a can of refried beans, smear the refried beans on the tortilla, then stick that to the taco shell! Yummy and easy!

David and Shelly said...

Simple ideas (i.e. ones we use regularly at our house!)

Bisquick pancakes (breakfast for dinner)
Scrambled eggs
Grilled cheese sandwiches

Cassi said...

I have a couple recipes that are pretty easy. Chicken bundles I'm pretty sure anyone could handle. You can find the recipe under "Chicken" Or "All Main Dishes" in the sidebar. And it could be as simple as 4 ingredients if you just want to use chicken, cream cheese, butter, and crescent rolls.
Another one of my easiest meals is to get frozen burritos, put them in a pan and cover them with El Pato sauce and cheese and bake in the oven.
There's actually a link of easy meals that people have posted. Click on "Quick and Easy" in the sidebar.

K Willson said...

Sooo my little brothers on a mission, and he told me he does this . We were feeling adventerous so we tried it .... He makes ramen noodles, but breaks eggs into the pan while they're boiling. While that's going on, they mix the 'sauce' packet with some mayonnaise, and then toss it with the drained noodles and eggs. They put it into a casserole dish, cover it with cheese and cook it til the cheese is crispy. I added some broccoli and chicken strips for my family, but they went crazy for it!

Bryan and Michelle said...

Cook elbow macaroni noodles and drain them well. Then add 1 can of cream of chicken soup with some milk to the cooked noodles (add milk until a desired consistency is reached). Serve the noodle mixture with some cooked chicken and vegetables. Voila! I lived on this when I was in college.