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Help Me Out Will You?

I've gone and done something wildly hopeful... but the problem is so has everyone else that reads Better Homes and Gardens.

They've got this 'Win a room makeover' thing going on and I've got the room for it!

So if you could all just hop on over to this link here.

And give me a vote of 4 or 5 stars I would love you forever!

If you feel like being REALLY nice, you could even email your friends and tell them to vote for me as well. If you know me and know people who know me tell them to vote for me too.

Please. I have no money to redo this room, but I know what's going to happen is that when we move and try to sell the first thing any prospective buyer is going to say is... redo that room. And I sure would like to live in (and enjoy) it before I have to give it away.

Thank you.


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