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Halloween Question

This year Halloween falls on a Sunday, I know there are a lot of religious people out there so I was wondering if you will still trick or treat on Sunday. I live in Arizona so there's not really one of those unspoken rules about everyone trick or treating on Saturday, but what is everyone else doing? To trick or treat on Sunday or not????


Stephen said...

Ok, I was thinking this post was going to tie together:

Whipped Cream

How do you carve pumpkins?

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween?

In Texas everyone has festivals on Saturday or the Sunday before (my daughter's best friend's church had their festival today)

Sarah said...

We have the same problem - we live in Maine so there are no Saturday celebrations here. I personally don't feel that trick-or-treating is really a sabbath-worthy activity. So I am organizing a halloween party for some friends/etc on Sat (30th) and we will be passing out candy to our neighbors and friends on Sat and explaining that we won't be trick-or-treating this year since Sunday is our Sabbath. And a bunch of people in our church are in the same boat so we will all be passing out candy/taking trick-or-treaters out on Sat. So there are definitely ways to get around it and still enjoy the holiday! And what a great example to your kids about keeping the sabbath day holy - and a good example to friends and neighbors as well :)

Shalee said...

This is a GREAT question. We have teetered back and forth for the last week over what to do because keeping the Sabbath day holy is important to us as well.

However since we recently moved here and we only have one neighbor we know (who also happens to be LDS) we decided that this is a good opportunity to get to know the families around us. So we will be knocking on 5-6 houses on Sunday in hopes of getting to know them. Trust is NOT about the candy or letting my kids dress up. They will get that opportunity at the Halloween Trunk or treat on Saturday!!

Brianne said...

We've been trying to figure out this one at our house, too! We aren't going to trick or treat on Sunday because our ward is having a trunk or treat on Friday night. And we are having a family harvest dinner on Sunday. But, my husband and I have been discussing (arguing) whether or not we are passing out candy on Sunday. I think it's important for the neighbor kids to have a good experience trick or treating. Why should they be punished because their families are not religious and most of the neighborhood is? He thinks it's not an appropriate Sabbath activity to participate in. Ughhh! I can't wait for next year!

The Mortensens said...

Truck or treat at the church on Saturday, and then my "block" is having a block party that we'll probably go too. We don't really want to trick-or-treat on Sunday, but I do think it is a good opportunity to meet neighbors, and get to know others with festivities on Sunday evening. I think we'll turn our porch light off though and hope to not have any tricksters coming for candy on Sunday. Here in Cleveland they send out a city wide announcement telling you certain hours of trick or treating, so that is nice.... no door knockers from the hood at 10pm.