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Book Help

Let's just get this out in the open right now: I am pretty sure that I am going crazy. When we lived in Minnesota there was a book that I loved to read to my little girl (who is now getting too big!) about a girl who was small enough to do things like play under the table and get help with things, but she was big enough to do some things by herself. It was so cute and was illustrated with adorable pictures showing a redheaded little girl and mother. Anyway, we loved this book and checked it out a ton (it was a board book at our library), but now I was thinking about getting it for a Christmas present and I cannot remember the title and am having no luck in searches. Does this book sound familiar to anyone? MN girls any ideas - it was at the Roseville Library? Thanks for indulging me and I hope that everyone is enjoying fall and getting excited for the holidays!


Shalee said...

bridget, i wish i knew! it's a long shot but what if you call the roseville library and talk to the children's librarian...she just might know!

Paul and Kimberly Morrison Family said...

Hi Bridget,
I am Shalee's sister-in-law. I believe we own the book you are talking about. Our copy is not a board book though, it is a normal picture book. It is called "Am I Big or Little?" By Margaret Park Bridges. Illustrated by Tracy Dockray. It looks like you can buy it from one of Amazon's partner sellers for around $11 (that includes shipping). This web address links you to the list of possible Amazon venders

Hope that helps!


Bridget said...

Thank you so much Kim! That is exactly the book - I really appreciate you taking the time to make a comment!