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Dressing (or not Fully Dressing) Little Girls

You may have seen this great editorial, but I love how he really expresses that there is no need for little girls to be dressing inappropriately and if they are doing so, it is most likely because adults are buying them questionable clothing. It is a great and thought-provoking quick read and I thought that the implications he lays down at the end for the early "sexualization of girls" is so sad, I hope that parents will reconsider what they are letting their kids wear.


Christian said...

Awesome post. I I am so opposed to what girls are wearing in today' society. I recently went into Target to get some shorts for my 9 year old and I just couldn't do it. I refuse to buy her shorts that are so short her but cheeks are almost hanging out. I decided to just re purpose her jeans into appropriate length shorts. Girls her age should dress like a kid still not a teenager, its just wrong.

The Mortensens said...

So good. I read this and thought is was such a great article. and so true. Why do people think it is okay for them to force their sweet little girls into adulthood?