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Baby Mouth to Mouth

No we are not talking baby CPR here...we're talking about the latest controversy of Alicia Silverstone feeding her 11 month-old son food that she pre-chewed and then "spit" into his mouth.  We are all moms here (at least I'd be surprised if we weren't) and I'm curious what your opinion is.  Is it natural?  Gross?  Safe?  Sanitary?  Do you do it or is Alicia alone on this one?  Take a second and leave a comment!


Cassi said...

That's just plain gross!! What is her reasoning? Something wrong with a blender?????

Royalbird said...

I think it's gross. I don't see the need to ever do that. Couldn't she just mash it with a fork or use a food processor? Or are vegans not allowed to use forks and food processors?

Bridget said...

Wow, I hadn't heard of that! I think it's pretty gross if that's the main way you're feeding your baby. I have to admit that we've been out and I've had to take a little bit out of something to make it smaller for a baby, but that would certainly be an exception not the norm. She is just making sure celebrities stay exciting!

Shalee said...

I agree it is gross! I usually bite a grape in half and HAND it to my babies but it just seems weird to spit it into the babies mouth. I thought it was interesting that her son actually comes running over to her when she is chewing her food because he wants her to obviously he doesn't mind!

However, while I would never do it I have after many years stopped judging other moms for the way they raise their children. We each have different backgrounds and do things the way we think is best. I liked that she wasn't trying to force her methods onto anyone else.

As for me and my family though, we prefer to mash it up with a fork!

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Deanna Webb said...

I think she can afford a blender, what do you think?
Other than grinding there doesnt seem to be a reason in the world why she would do this. With that said I do think it's attention.
It's gross, Not in a ewwwwww way, we all have eewwwwww's. I mean, WTH (what the heck) no sense, none..

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