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I don't know why, but in my house growing up these were always a Christmas treat. They aren't particularly Christmassy when I think of it logically, but as far as nostalgia goes, they will always mean Christmas to me.

1 1/4 C peanut butter
3/4 C butter (softened)
3 3/4 C powdered sugar
12 oz. chocolate chips
1/4 stick paraffin

Combine peanut butter, butter, and powdered sugar.
Roll into balls. I like to make mine small. Think one bite. My mom's were always three bite sized. The point is: make them however big or small you want.
Melt chocolate chips with paraffin. This is to help the chocolate coating set and not melt as easily.
Coat the peanut butter ba... spheres in the melted chocolate.
Cool on wax paper. I like them after they have chilled in the refrigerator for a while.


Cassi said...

This is funny because this is what we made Kara when she went off to Ohio (buckeye=Ohio), you must have been in NJ by then. We had to google the recipe and you had one the whole time! :) They were really good! But I'm pretty sure we didn't use paraffin, mostly because I have no idea what that is... what is that?

The Mortensens said...

This is a sign that Jill should move to ohio and buy a house right next to me! :)

Jill said...

Paraffin is edible wax. It sounds weird but...okay it is kind of weird. But, it really is okay to eat. Kara, I am going to use all of my psychic powers to make your neighbors move so that I can live next to you! Want me to watch the boys next week? Muahahaha!