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The Magic of Santa

While we all know the real reason for celebrating Christmas...pondering the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ...I also love the magic and thrill of Santa Claus. I loved it as a kid but I love it even more as a mom. Here are some fun activities to add to the magic...

Last year we tracked Santa all during Christmas Eve to see where he was dropping off gifts. Once we saw him getting closer and closer we knew we better hurry and get to bed. The kids were very excited! You can track Santa's movements HERE.

This year, my husband also had a personalized message from Santa sent to each child. Aside from telling them they've been good and giving specific information unique to each child Santa also let them in on a fun (and magical) how his reindeer fly or what he does during his summer break. You can get Santa to email your child by going HERE.


The Mortensens said...

I totally agree, Santa is magical. It has made Christmas so fun this year because Will actually gets it, and he believes more than ever. One thing we do, or Scott's parents do, I should say is a great way to keep that thrill alive. They send each grandchild an elf. They find the Elves all over the place and each grandchild has a different one. The elf shows up sometime the beginning of december. He has a name and a little note telling you why he's at your house. He's from Santa of course and he's there to watch and take notes on how you have been behaving. Then at night while we are all asleep, he magically changes postitions and moves from place to place in our house. So far, he's been caught scaling our wall, hanging from our dining room chandelier, and peeking from behind our bench in our kitchen. He even got into some chocolate and left wrappers and crumbs laying around. Will LOVES it, and loves finding him every morning when he wakes up. He talks to him and tells him he's going to be good and to tell Santa to bring his little brother something too. It's a lot of fun, if anyone wants the poem that the elf arrives with, let me know, it's super cute, written by Will's Grandpa. I'm going to post a picture on our blog in the next day or two!

Cassi said...

Thanks for the fun links Shalee! I love Santa too and can't believe that we haven't even taken our kids to see him yet this year! It's been so crazy, and our ward party was at 8am and I don't know if they had a Santa there or not but that was way too early for my family!

I love the elf idea Kara and I'd love to see the poem! What a fun idea... I wonder if it works on older kids too like Parker!
Merry Christmas!

Anna said...

I didn't realize that there was such a debate going on about Santa Claus. I have read some blogs that have a debate about this on them. I don't understand it. Santa brings so much magic to Christmas. My oldest is 4 and it is just so much more exciting. Of course we teach our children the true meaning of Christmas but in our house at least Santa doesn't take away from that. Thanks for the links my kids will love them!!